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Hydraulic Toe Jack

Hydraulic Toe Jack

  • Low height lifting toe for lifting low profile objects as well as standard top lifting point 
  • Allows you to get under and lift equipment with 1” of ground clearance 
  • Big and flat base provides extra stability 
  • Top lifting capacity: 5 Tons 
  • Low tow lifting capacity: 2.5 Tons 
  • Operated with a pump handle - lifting a heavy machine is a breeze 
  • Pump handle can be rotated 180° and pumped at any angle 
  • Designed to lift heavy machinery and other similar type loads when there is a low ground clearance 
  • With toe-like feet, it slides under the edge of the machine to ensure stability 
  • The lift plate is then positioned at the underside of the machine, which is then lifted clear to allow machinery moving skates under the load 

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