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TUF-PADS Portable Axle Pads

TUF-PADS Portable Axle Pads

  • Portable, low profile and heavy duty construction 
  • Easily weighs large vehicles such as trucks, vans, tankers and trailers 
  • Interlocking skid resistance ramps 
  • 33’ long shielded metal cable 
  • Two handles and two wheels for easy carry and moving on each pad 
  • Easy to use; driver can operate and weigh single-handedly 
  • Includes waterproof indicator suitcase for protection and portability 
  • Built-in printer that prints weight of each axle and accumulates total with time and date 
  • Larger options/high capacities available 
  • Specifications

    • Material: Aircraft Aluminum 
    • Overload Protection: 200% 
    • Indicator: T903 with protective case 
    • Power: AC/DC, built-in rechargeable battery (100 hrs) 
    • Capacity: 10,000 lbs - 25,000 lbs each 
    • Ramp Length: 3 in. 
    • Cable Length: 33 ft. 
    • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty 
  • Options

    • Storage/carrying cart with casters 
    • Remote Display with Traffic Lights 
    • Data transfer software 
    • Wireless phone/tablet communication 
  • Axle Pad Cart

    • TP-CT-2 (Holds 2 Pads)
    • TP-C-4 (Holds 4 Pads)

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