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Poultry Automated Data Tracking Scale

Poultry Automated Data Tracking Scale

Poultry Data Tracking Scale System and Software


Tufner’s Automated Poultry Scale is a must have for breeders. This scale provides complete weight data and analysis, and tracks bird growth. This advanced weighing system has the read-out wirelessly connected to the scale for maximum flexibility. 



  • Automatic collection of weight data in an easy to use and cost-effective scale 
  • Wireless system
  • Customizable software
  • All in one data tracking system
  • Adaptable to any poultry types; chickens, chicks, ducks, turkeys, geese 
  • Stores more than 1,000 weights per day 
  • Approximately 1 year of retained data 
  • Set-able data tracking dates and time 
  • Weighs for specific time period each day 
  • On screen data and graphics 
  • Optional PC data transfer via memory module 
  • Battery operated (With optional power plug) 
  • 200% overload protection 
  • NTEP certified alloy steel load cell 
  • AC adapter included 
  • Eyebolts for easy mounting 
  • Factory pre-calibrated for quick setup 
  • Larger options/higher capacities available 



  • Easy to analyze 
  • Data is presented on screen 
  • Number weighed 
  • Average weight 
  • Uniformity 
  • Coefficient of variation 
  • Standard deviation 
  • Daily gain 
  • Histogram 
  • Difference from expected growth curve 

    • Scoop (for manual weighing) 

    • Suspended Plate (for chick weighing) 

    • Poultry suspension restraint bracket 

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