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Tufner Weighing System's Weigh In Motion Axle Truck Scale

Tufner Weighing System's Weigh In Motion Axle Truck Scale

  • Weigh in Motion for our Axle Truck Scales.
  • This helps auto accumulate weight by the driver only needing to pass over the scale.
  • Used to minimize risk of overweight fines and ensure trucks are not underloaded for maximum productivity 
  • Large weighing surface and low profile for vehicle weighing 
  • Heavy duty construction with threaded top plate 
  • Four premium water tight alloy steel nickel plated load cells 
  • Low profile 5.75” height for smooth drive on/off 
  • Load cell capacity is 2.2 times the scale capacity for overload protection 
  • 50’ quick connecting cables (2) for hostile environments 
  • Can be used with ramps for above ground installations or flush with concrete for a pit installed permanent application 
  • Durable platform with treading for tire grip 
  • Powder coated paint finish 
  • Forklift portable 



  • NEMA 4 stainless steel NTEP LCD display 
  • Rechargeable battery (up to 100hrs) 
  • NEMA 4 stainless steel junction box 
  • Heavy duty metal cable with water proof protective outer coating 
  • Specifications

    • Material: Heavy Duty Steel (Aluminum plates available) 
    • Overload Protection: 200% 
    • Indicator: T900 NTEP approved 
    • Power: AC/DC, built-in rechargeable battery (100 hrs) 
    • Capacity: 60,000 lbs. - 80,000 lbs. 
    • Platform Length: 7-12 ft. 
    • Ramp Length: 2.1 ft. (25 in.) 
    • Cable Length: 50 ft. 
    • Warranty:
      - 1 year limited warranty on electronics 
      - 2 year limited warranty on platform
  • Options

    • Data logging software 
    • Label/Table printer 
    • Indicator stand 
    • Scoreboard 
    • Pit Frames

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